QuizApp - The Task

I worked on a couple of projects while I was a consultant at Fortune Cookie UX design. The projects were done for a well-known pharmaceutical client based in Europe. Both the projects were distinctly different as one was an application for mobile and the other one was a website.

A quiz application

I joined the team which was working on mobile application project a bit late. The research phase had already started. I was assigned to lead this project, along with a team of another UX designer and 2 visual designers.
This application was specifically targeted towards medical practitioners with various specialties. The application is similar to 'quiz app' where the player/user has to answer MCQ questions to gain points and climb the leaderboard. The app offers various specialties amking it more engaging. The USP of this app is it gives real-time awards such as medical conference passes, gift hampers, discounts etc.

My role

My role was quite interesting as I got a chance to do work on a live project for such a huge company. It was motivating yet scary; just because it was a top tier company and the pressure was immense. I took it up as a challenge. My role involved :

Project goals



We got a chance to interview a few pharmaceutical specialist, practicing doctors and surgeons etc. It was a task in itself, as we were not aware of any medical terminologies and slangs. But we managed to figure out what they had to say eventually. Although, the important technical research was provided by the client. The learning curve for us was interesting as to get ourselves oriented towards this project.

Concept Extended

  • A set of levels (let’s say, 10) will be a stage, on completion of which a player will be rewarded, for example -
  • Stage 1: Player can open a clinic in that specialty.
  • Stage 2: Clinic has expanded another floor.
  • Stage 3: Clinic is now expanding out of the town to a bigger city.
  • Stage 4: Clinic is now a hospital in multiple cities.
  • Stage 5: Hospital has become national.
  • Stage 6: Hospital is now global.
  • Each specialty will have its own playable timeline in which they can achieve these milestones.
  • Our daily Login Bonus will depend on how advanced the users clinic/hospital is:
  • A clinic with one specialty will earn say, 2 points at a daily login.
  • A player advanced to a national hospital with 10 specialties may earn 50 points at a daily login.


We then tried and evaluate what do user's need and what could satisfy and keep them motivated to return and use the application.


To grow his clinic to an international multi speciality brand.


Establishment Status


High Score
Speciality Earned
Correct answers




Some initial brainstoming of ideas. It was raw and the research had to sink in. Everyone participated in this exercise and we did come up with some interesting ideas which we decided to try.


The ideas were implemented but a lot of them were later discarded. A few more got discarded after a lot of meetings with the clients. Although we were successful to convince them about most of them which we were confident about.

Visual design

After a lot of convincing we finally managed to create visuals which everybody agreed on. It had all the necessarily elements we as designers thought should be important as well as taking into account the objectives and expectations of the client.