User experience designer

Enthusiastic, motivated and passionate designer valuing metamorphosis through a human centered approach to design problems. Five years of industry experience with a strong foothold in principles of animation and gaming design. Equipped with the knowledge of user experience and the ability to tackle complex problems and offering user centric solutions. Inclined and willing to work within an innovation driven collaborative environment.

Pratik Joglekar

Work Experience

Product Designer

Teltech System (An IAC Company) - 2019

  • Led the research for the product which involved qualitative and quantitative research, User-testing, A/B test, surveys and interviews.
  • Created a detailed competitive analysis to propose a freemium product.
  • Increased user activation with paywall redesigns.
  • Interviewed users of competitors applications to identify growth strategies.
  • Created prototypes for user testing to evaluate in-app community features.
  • Led various brainstorming sessions with different strategies to identify problems and proposed new/re-designs.
  • Discovered user drop-offs by analyzing quantitative data and recommended UX/UI design solutions.
  • Initiated the iOS design by creating intuitive user experiences and visual design.

Graduate assistant

Thomas Jefferson University - 2017 to 2018

  • Using graph theory, created a diagram of campus with various parameters. By using that data, presenting with low fidelity wireframe and visual design concept.
  • Conducted intensive research and user interviews for Jefferson collaborative platform and also effectively increased the usability.
  • Established a recognized research methodology and timeline to achieve the desired goals.

UX design consultant

Fortune Cookie UX Design - 2017 - 4 months

  • Led a team of 4 designers including another UX designer and two visual designers to create a medical application.
  • Condensed need-finding through comprehensive user interviews.
  • Extended the concept of the medical quiz app by introducing gamification to further enhance the experience by using game mechanics such as badges, leaderboard, level system as well as rewards (in-game as well as tangible).
  • Created solutions to the client through high fidelity wireframes and prototypes.
  • Solved usability problems by conducting task analysis to improve the digital product’s experience.
  • Improved the performance and enhanced the visual aesthetic of the application.

Game designer and animator

June Software - 2015 to 2017

  • Implemented best game design practices by conducting thorough user research.
  • Initiated prototype development, user testing, the creation of information architecture and established guidelines for improving in-game experience.
  • Collaboratively devised a lean UX solution and designed wireframes, created mockups, prototype and user interfaces (UI) with a feedback-update loop.
  • Formulated solutions with a senior designer to solve game balance issues.
  • Directed entire 3D animation production and conceptualized VFX, video editing.

Jr. 3D Artist

Sumo Video Games - 2012 to 2015

  • Crafted 3D animation for AAA title “Forza Horizon 2”.
  • Successfully designed a mobile game “Scorched” which included level design, game balance, power-up mechanics and conceptualized VFX for it.
  • Created 3D animation and drafted level design recommendations for “Little big planet”.
  • Initiated the VFX process for Disney Infinity 3.0 and Crack Down 2.


MS User Experience and Interaction Design - Thomas Jefferson University

  • Interaction Design certification - Coursera (UCLA)
  • Advanced diploma in Businness Administration - Welingkar school of Management
  • Bachelor in Computer Application - YCMOU
  • Digital direction certificate - Supinfocom, Pune
  • Diploma in IT- MSBTE, Mumbai
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