Muffin- The Task

A collaborative sprint project where we had to create a solution for the school. The output of this project should have two solutions, one should be UI and another VUI.

The Problem

The problem we focussed on was car-pooling. Considering a lot of students commute, if we could find a solution to make the life of those students by making their commuting easy would be huge.


Muffin is hypothetical Jefferson (east falls) car-pooling app which will let students pool with each other. The application is focused towards community creation and engagement. The idea was not to create another Uber/Lyft but a way of making students interact with other students.

Competitive analysis

While creating our competitive analysis it was crucial to find direct and in-direct competitors. Although, it was not that hard to find our direct competitor too. Zimride by enterprise is creating a car-pooling system with various cars strategically placed on the campus. We could not exclude Uber and Lyft but we weren’t directly competing with them.

In-direct competition



  • Dual rating boost safety
  • Convenience


  • No scheduling
  • Lack of connection between driver/rider



  • Minimum wait time
  • Customized music selection
  • Minimum wait time


  • Not very reliable
  • Depending the number of drivers price surges

Direct competition



  • Planned rides
  • Cost splitting
  • Traveling with same university students


  • No private space
  • Longer wait time
  • No community engagement

Muffin offers more

Uber and Lyft are wonderful applications when you do not care about your co-passenger and need a quick ride some place, but falls apart when it has to be a planned ride. Zimride does a good job but it has certain limitations which Muffin fulfills and would do a better job with University monitored system. Here are just a few extra features which Muffin will offer:


As we were working in group it was important to identify how we want to approach this challenge. After a brief discussion we concluded to do a white boarding exercise to plan out how the user flow and system of this application will function.


The agenda of conducting these interviews to find a pattern of how students car-pool, are they facing any problems which I could focus on and the experience better.

Key Insights

Passenger's persona



Age: 22
Reside: Fishtown
Major: Undergrad Architecture

I usually use uber or transit apps to travel but is extremely expensive. I am always on the lookout if I can find a ride back home/university with a friend.

"I like when I can car-pool with friends. It saves me time and money, and we have good conversations."

Driver's persona



Age: 24
Reside: Allentown
Major: Grad Fashion design

I enjoy the freedom of using a car to drive to class, but I hates long, lonely rides and fighting for a parking spot.

"I do not mind picking people up on the way to school as long as I'm not late for my class."

Passenger's experience flow

Driver's experience flow

How it works?

  • Pay by semester: Students pay a nominal semester subscription fee to be part of the program. This fee is used to fund the app’s rewards system.
  • Muffin point system: Riders and drivers rate each other and receive muffin points for each ride taken. These points may be redeemed for Kanbar meals, gas cards, etc.
  • Need student ID and email: You must be a student to be a part of the program. You can sign up through the app using your student ID.
  • University oversight: A university administrator oversees the program, ensuring safety protocols are followed and promoting a positive, inclusive commuter community.
  • Shared pickup responsibility: If commuting to school, the driver will pick up the passenger, but when leaving campus the passenger must walk to a designated pick-up zone.


Key findings

Style guide

Visual Design


Voice UI