Design behind a research

Research is a very elaborate, intricate and precise documentation of ideas connected to each other proving a certain point. It is the first step of any process, may it be actually developing a product or presenting a research paper. It is a document which proves or disproves a certain hypothesis, with evidance. Research encapsulates the processes and can be the guiding light for anything which is to be built upon that. But how to do the research?

Research can be done in 8 simple steps:

Step 1: Choose a topic — Selecting a topic which challenges you, and you feel comfort for the amount of effort which needs to be put in.

Step 2: Find information — Collecting information for the research from using any mediums.

Step 3: State you thesis — Eventually, coming up with a problem statement after critically thinking.

Step 4: Make an outline — After the problem statement, it is necessary to elaborate it more to introduce the discussion of topic.

Step 5: Organize your notes — The process of actually writing the document is yet to start, the next step is to come up with an organized set of notes.

Step 6: Write the first draft — The first draft is a rough document which can be used as a stencil for final document creation.

Step 7: Revise — After the first draft, the idea is to revise the document to the state from where it can be finalized.

Step 8: Final version — This document will be the final version of it which elaborately presents all the ideas.

Design is a process which is not defined. It is a process which evolves overtime, new techniques are developed almost everytime. Designing research is pretty much the same. According to the changing times, the processes also need to change or be modified. Age old techniques which have been used for generations might not be apt for solving problems in today’s time. The steps mentioned above might be true but they might be obsolete in the coming future. Always think of innovative ways of solving problems, following guidelines is important, but coming up with better solutions which might contradict the existing way of process is even better.

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